An entirely new paradigm for thinking about learning...

What if we have been wrong about learning? Not just slightly wrong, but wrong all the way back to Plato?

How People Learn introduces a new way of thinking about learning, and about what is going on when we learn. It considers applications to AI, marketing and ethics and draws on classic studies in psychology as well as contemporary neuroscience. It shows how learning may lie closer to marketing than we ever imagined and explores their common root. 

Most importantly How People Learn describes how to switch from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ in the learning equation, so that education and training can make a real difference to people rather than being a waste of time, money and resources.

The author’s 5Di model, shows how to define, design and deploy training in a user-centred way, creating transformational experiences and making the shift from courses to resources.

If you wish to leave behind the Dark Ages of education and training, this is the place to start.

What the experts say...

"After many interactions with Nick, I think he does know quite a bit more about learning than your average bear...Nick’s book starts in right place and he sees the world through the lens of a psychologist rather than a pusher of e-learning. He says he remembers lots of things from school but nothing from the lessons being taught. He is, of course, right, but people who are invested in the education system fail to see it, which is why education and training are still in the Dark Ages." 

Roger Schank, John Evans Professor Emeritus, 
Northwestern University. CEO, Socratic Arts

"Nick does a tremendous job, starting off by exploring ‘How People Learn’. Most just ignore and skip it, and immediately discuss how to design education & training –and no wonder, they mostly fail. Nick does it the right way, starting off with how we learn, and then, deriving from it, the best ways to design education & training, underpinned by the insights of how we learn – a formula for success. The book is fascinating and should be a must read to anyone who wants to be knowledgeable in this area."  
Dr Itiel Dror, Neuroscientist & Researcher
University College London 

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Publisher Information:
EAN: 9780749484705
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages


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